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Standard is not enough! - since 2003 we follow this motto consequently and imaginatively. In our key areas of personnel development, organizational development and managed training services, we develop solutions for our customers that are off-standard. We are firmly convinced that unique services are provided by unique people in unique organizations. That is why our claim is and remains to provide unique services for you. We see the question of whether measures are provided digitally, analog or blended with the relaxed professionalism of almost 20 years of experience with digital and presence learning formats.

"Form follows function" - with us you get the solution that best suits you and your goals.

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Our international network of partners sees itself as a team that is firmly linked by common professional conviction, long-term cooperation and sympathy. Our consultants and trainers stand for competence and experience. They not only impart knowledge:

offstandard leadership trainers and coaches have several years of leadership experience.

offstandard media designers combine didactics and digital possibilities to create learning experiences that are fun and effective.

offstandard change consultants are characterized by professional know-how, sensitivity for the specific corporate culture and a clear business focus.

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