Jade Schmidt

"People with goals are so successful because they know where they are going."

Earl Nightingale

What do you do to relax?
What motivates you the most in your job?
What makes you distinctively off-standard?
With what expression do you look into the future?

brief description

Working with young professionals and their trainers is my great passion. Through many years of practical experience as a training manager (before, during and after Corona), I know first-hand the strategic and operational challenges of this subject area. True to the motto "success through quality", I support as a consultant and trainer with targeted inputs, space for self-reflection and constructive-critical exchange. My way of working is characterized by structure, clarity and a certain repartee - learning together may and must be fun!


Bachelor of Arts Educational Science

Education and training pedagogue (IHK)

Business Trainer (Krawiec Consulting)

Career Consultant (Martin Wehrle)

Career Counselor U25 (Institute for Educational Coaching)

Media Management Assistant Digital & Print (Gruner+Jahr)

Lecturer & examiner for trainer aptitude courses (e.g. IHK + HWK)

Reference Customers

Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft Hamburg & Schleswig-Holstein


Hamburg Chamber of Commerce