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Managed Training Services

We create time for the essential!

Why should you outsource MTS?

Creating training programs is one thing. They then eventually perform and organize the other. As soon as you have decided on certain training programmes or academies, the organisational work follows the content work:

The training measures have to be scheduled, event rooms booked, trainers sought and participants invited. But that is not all. Materials must also be prepared and made available. After the training has taken place, the follow-up is carried out, which includes an evaluation of the training.

You notice - this eats up time and valuable HR resources. Time and resources that you might want to use for others?

Create room for your personnel work and trust in the professionals of offstandards: Since 2003 we support well-known, international customers as partners in the area of Managed Training Services.

That's what we offer you:

Do not worry about the organization of the individual measures any more. Don't miss any more deadlines, forget about holiday replacements and be sure that your training takes place at the desired time.

Whether you want to develop and carry out trainings together with us or have your existing measures organised:
With our Managed Training Services, we offer you a complete training organization from a single source! You can decide what you need and put the services together individually and according to your needs.

Overview of our range of services:

_ Coordination of possible dates.
_ Request and booking of suitable teachers.
Entry of the measure in the internal Learning Management System (e.g. SAP Success Factors).

Invitation of the participants
Continuous monitoring of the number of participants
We are available for any questions from the participants
Sending an expectation query to the participants
_ Maintenance of waiting and request lists

_ Inquiries from hotels/conference venues from a pool covering the whole of Germany
_ Booking of hotel rooms and, if necessary, social programme
_ Coordination of the conference equipment and catering with venue
Provision of the prepared documents in the event room
_ Coordination with other service providers involved

_ Feedback evaluation
Evaluation of the trainer's report, if necessary recommendations to you based on the feedback
Invoice consolidation through advance payment
Checking of invoices and settlement to you

_ Order clarification
_ Research of training providers
_ Booking of the training measure
Disbursement of fees

We would be pleased to discuss all other services or your very special requirements with you personally.

Your contact persons

Friederike Weber
Hofmannstrasse 7b, 81379 Munich, Germany
089 4141720-0

Boyana Gaberova
Lippeltstrasse 1, 20097 Hamburg, Germany
040 3030666-18

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