Tim Kolvenbach

What should you never do as a trainer/facilitator?
What motivates you the most in your job?
What does "success" mean to you?
What do you do to relax?

brief description

I experience great personal satisfaction in supporting people in companies to deal with areas of tension even more productively. I see myself less as a content expert ("Do XY to solve your problem") and more as an expert in supporting communication and reflection processes.


Advanced training "Group dynamics - leading and counselling groups", TOPs e.V., 2003/2004

Advanced training "academically certified coach and organisational developer", ARGEBildungsmanagement, 2009/2010

Advanced training "Psychodrama Role Play", ÖAGG, 2015

Individual seminars on process management, conflict management, improvisational theatre

Certified as a BIG 5 user, Accelor GmbH, 2012

Certified as FIRO-B user, A-M-T Management Performance AG, 2016

Working languages: English, German

Reference Customers

Amtek Tekfor, Fulda, Germany

Caritas Austria

Daimler AG

German Railway AG

Hainzl GmbH, Linz, Austria

Hospital North, Vienna Hospital Association

Mondi AG

Austrian Kontrollbank Vienna, Austria

Styria GmbH