Zoltán Kőrösi

"Learning is not a chore...neither is surviving."

W. Edwards Deming

brief description

I am an engineer by training who drifted into operations management and spent almost 20 years there. I loved it, sometimes hated it, and learned a lot about processes, efficiency, KPIs, operational excellence, and most importantly, people and cultures. In 2010, I left operations management to develop people and organizations. Since then, I have enjoyed designing and delivering training courses, leading or facilitating OD projects, and coaching leaders. Passing on what I have learned, experienced, observed and built in a structured way so that others can benefit is a great motivation for me.


Electrical engineer - specialized in energetics

Trainer and OD consultant (Grow Group qualification)


Reference Customers

Haldex (Hungary, Sweden, Mexico, China)

Schaeffler (Hungary)

Videoton Holding (Hungary)