Benedikt Jockenhöfer

"Agere sequitur esse - Action follows being".

Lao Tsé

With what expression do you look into the future?
What do you look like before your training/workshop/etc.?
What motivates you the most in your job?
What do you do to relax?

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"It's always about trust," Benedict says of rhetoric and communication, "how do we build trust and how can we maintain it in everyday work and through disagreements."
Through his worldwide unique training in two masters of rhetoric and 17 years of experience, both as a trainer and in his own companies, Benedikt has a deep understanding of how communication really works, what really matters. Without "chacka-rhetoric" and without acting, Benedikt shows in trainings and coachings how trust can be built up through the right communication in all situations and thus teams can work together more efficiently, coordination runs more smoothly, feedback and employee discussions become enriching, meetings are clearer, small talk is suddenly fun, stories are told full of suspense, product presentations come alive, conflicts are finally solved and persuasion succeeds sustainably.


M.A. of Speech, Communication and Rhetoric

M.A. Rhetoric

B.A. Media Studies

B.A. Information Science

Additional training in intercultural communication (Uni.Regensburg)

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