Design Sprint Simulation
How to solve complex problems and test new ideas in five steps!

You want to develop solutions for critical challenges in a short time?

With us you will learn how small, cross-functional teams from e.g. Google, Lego or Airbnb analyze problems, develop solutions and test prototypes with potential users in only 1 week.

Take part in our online simulation to learn more about the exciting tools of the Design Sprint.

Experience interactively and practically in 3 sessions the 5 stringent Design Sprint process steps: Understanding, developing ideas, making decisions, building prototypes and testing.


What can you expect?

  • Deep immersion in a field-proven process.
  • Processing of a real "challenge" in a team live online.
  • Experience the core of the Design Sprint as a compact simulation.
  • High-energy, digital exchange.
  • Impulses for the design of new processes, services and products.
  • A portfolio of creative tools and customer centricity exercises that you can now use in everyday life - even solo.

What do you get from us?

  • A short introduction to the content and technical aspects in advance, which guarantees a smooth process.
  • Extensive material.
  • Processing of a current business challenge of your company.*
  • Live online training tool, collaboration tool, invitation management.*
    *on request

<strong style="color: #ed4c00;"><span style="font-family: tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14pt;">Für wen?</span></strong>

  • Multidisciplinary teams at all levels.
  • Existing and new teams who want to get to know the format together.
  • For all employees and managers who enjoy interactive, virtual formats and are looking for new impulses.

What are the advantages?

  • proven process
  • Short 3 * 3h sessions, easily integrated into the daily work routine
  • Can also be implemented easily for distributed teams.
  • Intensive learning experience in virtual space.
  • Getting to know digital creative collaboration platforms.
  • Virtual collaboration catalyst.

How is the live online training structured?

  • Get to know
  • Introduction to the Design Sprint, history, use cases,
  • Tech-check with the Colloborations tools used in the training
  • Teaming - as the participants work on a case study in a team for 3 * 3 hours
  • Organizational details
  • "Long Term Goal". Where do we want to be in 1 - 3 years?
  • Formulate "sprint questions" - what are potential risks and important questions
  • Creation of a "Customer Journey Map
  • "Conduct "experts, stakeholders and customer interviews
  • Formulate "How Might We" Questions
  • "Extract "Sprint target
  • Retrospective of the 1st module
  • Distribute research tasks
  • Small groups and plenary alternating
  • Evaluate "lightening activities" - poaching & stealing, lightning demonstrations in plenary
  • "Crazy 8" exercise: sketching ideas with pen and paper alone
  • "Art gallery" Collect solution sketches online (MS Whiteboard, Mural..)
  • "Heatmap" - rate by head & heart
  • "Short review and straw poll"
  • Final vote of the product owner
  • "Storyboarding" the winner
  • Retrospective Module 2
  • Creation of a realistic prototype (painting, making a short film, collage...) in 2 small groups
  • Develop "customer interview script" in parallel/ 3rd small group
  • 2 customer interviews - "Active Listening" notes
  • Extract Key Learnings together
  • Comprehensive retrospective of the Design Sprint
  • Derive next steps - plan transfer into practice
  • Feedback on the training
  • networking

You are already convinced of the Design Sprint process and would like to conduct a workshop or the whole process on site?

Please feel free to contact us for this.

Your coaches - contact via offstandards

Natalija Hellesoe
Hofmannstrasse 7b, 81379 Munich, Germany
089 4141720-0

Kerstin Lausen
Lippeltstrasse 1, 20097 Hamburg, Germany
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