Elke Bögel

With what expression do you look into the future?
What makes you distinctively off-standard?
What do you do to relax?
What sets you apart from other trainers/facilitators/etc.?

brief description

Elke Bögel advises and supports managers and teams in times of change - with a combination of systemic organizational consulting, innovative dialog and workshop formats and individual sparring. Her main concern is to support people and organizations in developing the culture for their agile transformation.


Systemic Coach (GST Society for Systemic Therapy and Counselling, Munich)

Business Coach (Metaforum Berlin, ECA certified)

Organizational consultant (organizational development, Osterberg Institute Hamburg)

Trainer (Train the Trainer, Osterberg Institute, Hamburg)

Transactional analysis between individual and organization (Prof. Claus Nowak, Andreas Becker)

wingwave-Coach (wingwave Centre Munich, Besser-Sigmund Institute, Hamburg)

Scrum Master (Mario Gadet, Scrum Alliance certified)

over 20 years of professional experience in marketing and communication