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About offstandards
Since our foundation in 2003, we've forged close working relationships with over 100 customers in the fields of personnel development, change management and media.
Together with our customers, we develop effective, pragmatic and innovative learning programs and learning processes, both domestically and internationally.
Our mission: standard is not enough!
Standardisation has become a byword for professionalism, order, and consistency. However, noth-ing new can come into being if everyone simply moves with the masses, where existing structures are reinforced without being challenged, and creative solutions are sacrificed to the "zero-defects philosophy“. Indeed, innovation arises from creativity, not from professional mediocrity.
We consider our international network of partners to be one close-knit team, inextricably linked by common professional beliefs, long-standing cooperation, and like-mindedness. Our consultants and trainers stand for professionalism and experience, and impart a great deal more than simply knowledge:
Working with offstandards
As far as we‘re concerned, flexibility is not a byword for “bending over backwards“. Our style is that of a professionalism, stripped of dogmatism, which doesn‘t confuse pragmatism with opportunism.
Authenticity is paramount: our focus is not on gaining popularity by means of adaptability, rather on achieving credibility by means of a clearly defined profile.
offstandards digital
Digitalisation is set to revolutionise the world of learning and further training. This is precisely why our media division has been developing digital learning formats, virtual learning landscapes and media platforms since 2008, which are not only at the cutting edge of technology but are above all effective and make good didactic sense.
offstandards agile
In this day and age where the changing dynamics of the market can no longer be neatly fitted into an organigram pigeonhole, standardisation can often lead to a standstill. Thus traditional organisa-tional structures always reach their limits, when a cross-functional, complex, holistic and iterative approach to work is required. Whereas the pragmatic application of agile working methods has become part and parcel of everyday working life in some companies, it is still unknown territory in other sectors. By means of our agile management expertise and our change management skills, we are able to meet you at the exact juncture your company finds itself at, in a completely undog-matic way, and work together with you to develop and implement future-oriented organisational structures.
Our Hamburg team is made up of a unique blend of experienced trainers and consultants and a skilled office team. The “offstandards learning landscapes“, stretching out across a spacious 300m2 on our office premises high above the rooftops of Hamburg, are at your disposal for workshops, as well as training and coaching events.
2012 saw the opening of our second location in Munich, which serves as the focal point for our customers in southern Germany.