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HR Development at offstandards
What factors are decisive in successful human resource development programmes?
Training staff according to their potential? At offstandards, we believe that there are greater challenges involved. The single deciding factor is that all actions and programmes follow long-term strategic goals and contribute to a company’s success far into the future.
Let us help you identify the core skills crucial to your organisation’s success. We use a holistic approach, and see ourselves as a strategic partner for companies in Germany and firms operating internationally, rather than merely as a provider of training programmes. We take into account the entire system that constitutes your organisation; we want to understand your company, its people and what needs to be accomplished. We then develop a bespoke training programme that is innovative, pragmatic and, well, different.
offstandards provides first-class expertise in developing your employees’ skills. We combine our experience and expertise with a genuine curiosity about your organisation to elicit potential for positive change and design tools that are produced in direct consultation with you. We think it’s essential to think outside the box of traditional training sessions held in a seminar room. Our digital teaching formats and bespoke offstandards blended learning programmes help set us apart from the crowd. We offer team development strategies tailored to your organisation. Teams are far more than just a group of individuals, but a highly complex construct. Our customers value our three-pronged approach that combines expert-led self-reflection, moderated discussion and practical ways of experiencing that are almost unlimited in their scope. Let us advise you in how to win out in the hard-fought market for the best new talents, and support you with our decades of experience to create and implement a successful talent management system for leaders, experts and project managers.
Regardless of your employee development goals, offstandards’ programmes and actions are intensively prepared and implemented with creativity, passion and a dedication to excellence. We also provide careful follow-up assessments, while a meticulous checking mechanism ensures that participants have acquired their new knowledge and skills, paving the way for long-term success.
Our “Employee Development” Performance Portfolio: