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Sebastian Betz, Tarek Müller, Hannes Wiese
General Managers
about you gmbh, Hamburg
„On our path from a start-up to a stable and successful company, offstandards again and again gave us valuable input and helpful feedback. That led to us defining our guiding principles, developing our leadership ethos. We have also successfully adapted our internal communication and organisation to our growth.
be fast, stay hungry and do it with passion... offstandards is a perfect fit.“
Holger Hafner
Managing Director
Diehl Comfort Modules GmbH
„offstandards’ name reflects what they offer. What they provide is beyond merely standard and the collaboration with them is exceedingly professional. offstandards’ expertise covers strategic and conceptual aspects as well as ongoing support on the operational side. It’s a pleasure to develop our company Diehl Comfort Modules in cooperation with offstandards in a holistic way.“
Katja Schott
HR Manager Development & Training
Human Resources
Hermes Germany GmbH
„Working with offstandards is uncomplicated. It’s a partnership of two parties at eye level, yet also exceedingly professional. The consultants at offstandards are easily and quickly reachable. Because of the diverse client portfolio at offstandards, we often get valuable inspiration and benchmarks from elsewhere in the HR world. offstandards does not offer standardised products; instead, they listen to us and think their way into the Hermes world and provide us with tailored products. If something isn’t quite working out, we just get in touch and it’s dealt with straight away. Thankfully, that’s almost never the case with the technical side of things. We were surprised at how smoothly the leadership feedback tools and the preceding communication webinars ran from a technical standpoint. The technology ran “silently” in the background, as we later recalled during our project review..
We deployed our first leadership feedback tool in our company in 2015, and most of our managers found this new and unfamiliar. But through the leadership feedback programme, we ensured that our leadership principles aren’t just rules written on a piece of paper but were used in a practical way. Everyone now knows what our leadership principles mean, and the feedback meant that our managers examined them in detail. A lot of value was added for us by the follow-on discussions about the results in team workshop sessions. That meant that it wasn’t only the recipients of the feedback that had a chance to reflect on it, but all teams entered a dialogue with one another. For us, it’s the first step towards the open feedback culture we want to establish. Some teams even stayed on the ball and held team workshops with the consultant from the leadership feedback programme. That spoke volumes about this tool, but also about the work of consultants at offstandards!“
Simone Fliegel und Cornelia Zielke
Training Department
JET Tankstellen Deutschland GmbH
„Supported by offstandards’ extensive experience and competent consulting services, we have been able to develop a completely new staff training concept in a very short time frame. The flexible guidance provided by the Offstandards team and the versatility of their training staff make it possible for us to offer our employees a programme of seminars that is wide in scope.
On top of that Offstandards also supports us tackling individual problems in a number of departments with well-founded and useful suggestions. We are happy to have such a professional and reliable partner at our side that completely correlates to us and our corporate culture, both on an operational and a human level, and unerringly manages to meet our needs.“
Sabine Schrader
Senior Manager HR Development
Otto (GmbH & Co KG), Hamburg
„We at OTTO have for many years regarded offstandards very highly as an important strategic partner in the area of staff and senior management qualification. The overall impression is rounded off by the outstanding coaches and moderators as well as the excellent office team.
We particularly value the individual and personal way they approach us as clients. There don’t offer “off-the-shelf” recommendations but solutions orientated around our wishes as well as our specific corporate culture.
We have great trust in offstandards. It’s a good feeling to have found a corporate partner with which we harmonise both in operational and human terms. If we’re asked if we can recommend offstandards, we always reply with a resounding “Yes!”
Heidi Palm
Head of Human Resources Development
VTG Aktiengesellschaft
„offstandards and VTG are linked by their many years of successful cooperation. Our work together is characterised by trust, reliability and tailored solutions that are always new and fresh. As a partner, we particularly value the high level of expertise in just about all areas of leadership and HR development, including guidance, advice, training and coaching. For us it’s important that issues specific to VTG are in balance with stimulating new input that helps develop our organisation further.
Working with offstandards to design new measures is fun. The positive feedback from our managers and staff confirms that we’re on the right path.“