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HR Services at offstandards
With offstandards as your partner, your HR department can go back to focussing on what’s important: looking after your employees.
Our HR Services team supports you in designing, administering, auditing and evaluating your training programmes at the high level of professionalism and reliability you rightly expect. We’ve been offering HR services since 2003, so we have plenty of experience to build on.
For many HR professionals, developing a needs-based, modern training programme – in parallel to the demands of their routine tasks and business – can be quite a challenge. An important part of this process is the time-intensive research needed to find qualified trainers, selecting the right programmes and booking accommodation. But it doesn’t end there. More tasks arise after the programme is completed, such as checking individual invoices, on-time payment of external service providers and evaluating the programme’s success.
Let us take that off your shoulders. We know our industry inside-out and offer you both excellent service quality and cost efficiency. We have long-standing contacts to experienced training providers in Germany and abroad. All are experts in their fields, and know the best locations and accommodation for training sessions. Once we have selected a trainer and a hotel, we invite participants, distribute hand-outs and manage external providers. After the session has been successfully completed, we audit and pay all invoices received from third party service providers. We then collate all the outlay into one easy-to-handle invoice. Your point of contact at offstandards will keep you up to date, ensuring transparency throughout. We support our international clients with a broad set of language skills and European network of professionals, allowing us to offer the same full spectrum of services in multinational contexts.
And if you need to set up a workshop at short notice or are looking for an inspiring location for your next creative brainstorming session, we’re happy to offer you the modern offstandards customer lounge at our head office in Hamburg.
offstandards - the nexus of your HR development network - excellent, efficient, and cost-aware services.
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