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Leadership Skills Development
How important is leadership for companies in today’s world? Current trends are clearly toward slimmer organisational structures...
... and shallower hierarchies. Does that mean that leadership skills are becoming less important? On the contrary, we’re convinced that excellent leadership skills are becoming more important than ever.
All echelons of your workforce – be that staff, project leaders or the top executives – are being required to perform better and contribute more. They all have to take on responsibilities and make decisions. In short: You expect leadership skills across your entire workforce.
At offstandards, we assume that people want to develop their skills, and that everyone can learn the tools of leadership. We offer individual coaching, training sessions and programmes for leaders on all levels. Tailored to the specifics of the situation and its environment, our concepts integrate conventional formats with digital tools such as bespoke e-Learning modules developed in-house by our media production specialists.
Our development tools are as diverse as our clients, be it developing models and principles for your staff to follow; change management training programmes; seminars for conflict resolution and performance review meetings or transfer of leadership know-how in a virtual team context. Do you have branches abroad or leaders and managers whose main language is not German? With our multi-lingual trainers and advanced inter-cultural skills, we are able to offer the same high level of service to multi-national companies.
Our portfolio emphasises tailored, customer-specific services for any situation or task. Our trainers have been recruited using a structured assessment and selection process. All are sensitive to the individuals and contexts in your company, yet also know exactly how to challenge and inspire your employees. All have leadership experience and connect with seminar and coaching participants. They show participants their own strengths and weaknesses, encourage them to leave their comfort zones and open perspectives towards personal development.
offstandards is your partner for developing skills in your company leaders and managers. Our comprehensive range of services includes specialist advice, coaching, sparring partners and HR admin support.
Our “Leadership” Performance Portfolio: