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offstandards digital
Digital media have a huge influence over our daily lives. And they have become an essential asset in company training programmes.
Digital education formats such as e-Learning sessions, webinars or feedback tools have an array of advantages over traditional approaches...
such as heightened transparency, more flexibility, faster access to knowledge and potential for cost reduction. Yet replacing face-to-face-tuition with standardised e-Learning materials is often not the optimal solution. Individualised training programmes are successful if all the formats used – including digital and traditional tools – perfectly integrate with each other to form a didactically coherent global concept. It requires expertise both in methods and media development in equal measure, a combination we are best placed deliver.
We put at your disposal not only an international network of experienced training professionals but also a highly motivated media development team. offstandards’ special blended learning concepts assure you bespoke media formats for your training programme that is technologically state-of-the-art and fully adapted to your vision for employee or organisational development. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with our training professionals, the offstandards media developers create unique media solutions for any task or situation. Implementing blended learning concepts, our media includes content either produced in consultation with our trainers and coaches or provided by the trainers themselves. Our tools fulfil the flexible demands of mobile learning and are orientated towards the idea of a learning organisation. While our content is of outstanding quality, it is presented using a reliable technical platform that is easy to handle and employs graphic design concepts that support learners in attaining their goals – without requiring time to “learn” how to access the platform.
Media production at offstandards is always handled completely in-house, making use of our own film studio if needed, or our mobile studio equipment that allows us to film on location at our customers’ facilities or premises. Edits and updates to our online tools and media are part of our daily routine, with all required changes implemented immediately and made instantly available online to our trainers and session participants. The excellent quality of the media we provide is only part of the picture, with cost efficiency, direct communication and fast reaction times also crucial to providing outstanding service.
Take advantage of our first-class media development skills and benefit from a full-spectrum solution that uses the latest concepts and technologies to implement cost-effective and targeted digital teaching materials.
Our “Media Development” Performance Portfolio: