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Change Management Services
What do organisations consist of?
Machines? People? Strategies? Capital? At offstandards, we believe that organisations are made up of interactions.
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The quality of the interpersonal relationships is crucial to the success of an organisation – and determines how successful your company will be. Our ethos is that people form organisations, and organisations form people.
The global workplace is in a state of permanent change. Organisations, too, change and develop over time, creating new relationships and networks. Change is – in part – planned at the strategic level, using defined and ordered processes. But organisations also develop in unplanned, spontaneous ways. Standard approaches alone are not enough to ensure that the desired interactions develop; they often depend on hidden variables and forces that are difficult to control. These are often referred to as “soft factors”. Their effects, however, are often anything but soft.
Have you had similar experiences in the past during periods of re-structuring or re-engineering for your organisation? offstandards can provide you with competent support throughout these complex processes. It’s the starting point for our work. Here are some of the questions we pose when supporting companies in managing change processes: How does the organisation function? What defines its organisational culture? How do the various units within the organisation interact? Do company leaders give and receive enough feedback? Do the staff identify themselves with the organisation? Is there enough creative scope for action? Do the people in the organisation behave respectfully toward each other? Do customers and clients have faith in the ability of the organisation to perform? Do staff understand their contribution to its overall success? We’re convinced that if you want to understand the complexity of change, it’s essential to deploy this kind of systematic thinking. It applies just as much to managing a current crisis as it does to realising ambitious growth targets for your company. At offstandards, we believe it’s crucial to get a holistic perspective on the dynamics of your organisation. We take the results of this analysis and integrate them with technical, social and financial components into a strategy that reflects the complexity of your organisation.
In the long term, the companies that optimise how interactions are handled are the ones who win out. By working with offstandards, you can be one of them. We will support you with our in-depth, expert knowledge, our strong portfolio of intercultural skills and a level of expertise in creating digital learning materials almost peerless in today’s market.
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